Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Well, its been 3 years since I posted, so I figured it was time to post...haha ;-) Playing $60s thru $110s now. Monthly goal is no less than $3K profit, but about to raise that to $5K as I phase out all play under $100 for good. We'll see how that goes.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sep Wrapup

Just put a lid on September, and it was another decent month. Played 546 games, mostly on Cake, but did maybe 1/3 of them on Stars. Ran awful in the $33s on both sites. Did well at every other level I played. On the first day of September I played a $110 and a $220 (my first $220 ever), and lost both. Ended the day down close to a grand, but from that day forward climbed steadily. Played a few 4 mans and we had good results, but I lost almost every FT flip so that distorted my stats quite a bit. Don't care too much about that though :-)

One thing that I noticed that I'm making progress on is maintaining my composure most of the time. I feel that inexperienced players, or plain old bad players tend to freak out fairly easily and push the panic button. While this may work some of the time, more often than not, it results in poor play and losses. I rarely do this
anymore. What really helps me in this area is knowing, not thinking, but knowing that I have beaten the level that I'm playing, and if I keep my cool and keep grinding, things will work themselves out in the end. Thats why, for HUSNG at least, I think its very important to take your time on moving up. Get to the point where you own the level, and its indisputable. Make some money...then when your ready
you can take a shot at the next level. Set a buyin limit for your trial and go from there. Playing above your skill level is gambling. The odds arent going to be favorable either....if you wanna gamble, thats cool..but I'd recommend, Blackjack, Craps, or Roulette where you have about a 48% chance....much better (several ROI points anyway) than if you play some shark in a $110 when ur skills are at $11.

Final Sep Profit $1,644.30

GL All


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aug Wrap-up

Another solid month. The last week of the month, I had the best streak of run-good that I've had in about 3 months. In addition, I really feel like I'm playing the best poker of my life right now. Combine good play with some love from the poker gods and you get some good results.

Gonna go hit the beach now, but I will post more when I have some time.

Final Aug profit $1,929.13



Saturday, August 21, 2010


Been playing more games in August than I did last month. Theres only so much sun you can get I suppose :-)

Not having a great month, but not awful either. Been spending most of my time
sitting the 25/33 on Cake. Theres a couple of higher stakes guys that love to sit me when they see me, so I've been hesitant to sit the $55 too much. Just been content to play my $30 avg stake and grind out my daily bread. Hopefully will
get up into the $1200 profit range by months end.

August profit $792.91



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lazy summer daze...

In July, I went to the beach alot, partied alot, worked out alot, hung out alot, but didn't play poker alot. Summer time is too much fun to be cooped up indoors sitting on the computer imo. Thats one of the things I love about NOT being a professional poker player. I have money coming in from about 6 different places, so I can play
poker if I want to, or I can go out on my boat if I want to.

So...I did play some poker nonetheless, and I did OK. Average buyin was in the mid $20s and I made a grand total of $712.59. Def didnt grind very hard for that, so I'll take it.

Been putting in some real solid volume this first week of August so far, so we'll see if that trend continues.

Final July Profit $712.59

Aug MTD profit $221.54



Thursday, July 1, 2010

June = bad month

Worst month in a lonnnnng time. Variance bit me like I cannot remember ever before. So bad that all my profit was from RB/bonus/promos. $0 from actual poker. :-(

Wingpin 527 -$0.05 $27 0% -$24 N/A N/A Global Alias 6/1/2010 6/30/2010 SNG

Oh well....I suppose I should be grateful to still make over $600 despite
making nothing on scope. I haven't felt like posting because I've been running
so bad. I do think that this is a good test for me and will actually help me in the long run. At least I maintained my sanity and never had a massive meltdown thereby
preserving at least a small profit for the month.

Anyways...I'll try to write more in July.

Final June Profit $610.69



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May's Done

May was a big month for me as I began playing quite a few $55s on the regular for the first time ever. I still mixed in some $33s on Stars and some $25s on Cake, and late in the month, Cake added a $33 hu also. As it turned out, I really played more $33s than anything, but I did play more $55s than ever before, so that's progress.

Heres how things shaped up:

Wingpin 438 $1.72 $32 7% $755 N/A N/A Global Alias 5/1/2010 5/31/2010 SNG Only wingmanmtp (CK)wingpin (PS)

Out of 438 games played, I played a grand total of 70 at $50+ including 4 games at $100+. Of the remaining 368 games, 349 were at $20+. I'm very happy with the fact
that my average buyin for the entire month was $32. This means that most of my games are $33+ which is exactly what I want. I love the fact that Cake finally added
a $33 husng, and you will definitely be seeing me in that alot.

I made a ton of money in bonuses this month. Cleaned up like never before with over $300 on Stars, and even more on Cake, plus Rakeback. Its amazing how much money
you start making from these areas as you climb up the poker ladder. This month, I made a total of $1590.50, and about 1/2 of that was from bonuses and RB!

I just finished a long grind session, and for the first time in like a week, I didn't breakeven...feels good to make a little cash after several sideways days.

Very sleepy atm, so I'm gonna crash and get ready for another big day tomorrow.

Total Profit $1,668.50
Less 6 month Sharkscope sub -$78.00

Final May Profit $1,590.50