Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boring poker is good poker!

I created a "Global Alias" profile on sharkscope to track my 3 accounts in one
search which enables me to look at my SNG results for all 3 sites
I play on in on snapshot. Here are my results for Feb MTD for Global
Alias "Wingpin".

Wingpin 137 $1.52 $20 5% $209 N/A N/A Global Alias 2/1/2010 2/28/2010 SNG Only

I'm actually up $357 in total due to bonuses, rakeback credits, ring, 4 mans, etc.

I've been steady grinding the $22's on Stars and the $25's on Cake, 2 tabling most
of the time which is something I'm just now getting totally comfortable with. I'd say that as of today, I have zero hesitance at 2 tabling at the $22/$25 level. This
is the first time I've been able to say that, so that is pretty exciting. I feel there is a slight sacrifice in my play level 2, I make an occasional
mistake that I wouldn't have made 1 tabling, but its a manageable amount and
definitely outweighed by the bennies of double the volume.

I've also made good progress on my stakes leak. So far, of the 137
games I've played, 108 or 79% have been at $20+. Not quite where I
want to be, but moving in that direction, and a vast improvement over
last month. I'm very confident that this problem will be 100% solved
this month...I dont even see why I was clinging to the $10's and $11's
now, since I'm steady owning the $20's and above. Problem Solved IMO!!

Feb Poker profit $357

GL All!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

More on January

Wanted to post a follow up to the brief message I made earlier
and elaborate a little bit more on my month. I always like to
put a bit of time into reflection at the end of months and
see if there are ways I can tweek my approach to yield more
profit in terms of percentage (ROI) or more money per
unit of time invested.

In looking at my scope stats for SNG's one thing really jumped
out at me. I played a total of 626 games which is a good number,
but the breakdown is really surprising.

By buyin

$5 64 games
$10-$12 374 games
$20-$25 180 games
$30 and up 8 games

This is actually shocking to me. I was under the impression
that I was mostly playing $20-$25 games, but I have obviously
been deluding myself. 70% of the games I played were $12 and
under!!! WTF...I have a few semi-justifiable reasons for this
like: friends that wanna 4 man lower stakes, late nite hours
on Cake where the traffic is low, practicing multi-tabling,
desire to minimize stress and occasionally wanting to fire up
2 or 3 low stakes super turbos for the hell of it. But....bottom
line, I must keep the games below $20 to a minimum.

So...that's the takeaway from this exercise. No more
low stakes games!!! My ROI in $20-$30 has been in the
6%-12% range consistently for awhile now, so there is
no reason for me to be playing anything below this level. are my goals for February.

-90% of games at $20+

-$1500 total profit (including RB, bonus, ring, etc)

-Fully retire all remaining bonus money on Cake (now $160...they
gave me another $100...not sure if I should be happy or not)

-Go full time on Stars $33's by months end

I've gotta cure myself of this stakes leak if I wanna start
making the kind of money that I believe I'm capable of!

Cheers and GL ALL


Jan's done

Tired right now, but just wanted to put my final Jan
numbers on here. Made $1184...ended the month pretty
shitty with an extremely donkish last day. Played 3 $55's
and went 1-2 and played HU cash and ran real bad against
an awful player. Didnt play well in my regular $25's
either. Not sure why, but my focus was off I think.

Oh well....

Final Jan Profit $1184

GL All