Monday, June 22, 2009

June is shaping up well...

So far I'm up $1105. Went on a 10 match winning streak on Cake, then finally lost one and then won my last 2. In case you're wondering...this is what that looks like.
12/13...sweet. 6 of them were DON's and the rest HU. Going back a little further, I've won my last 6 $25 HU matches, so thats very satisfying.

5563203 22-Jun-09 02:07 NL Holdem $25 1/2 $23.75
5563148 22-Jun-09 01:39 NL Holdem $10 1/2 $9.50
5563111 22-Jun-09 01:27 NL Holdem $10 2/2 -$10.50
5562076 21-Jun-09 23:23 NL Holdem $10 1/2 $9.50
5536594 19-Jun-09 01:07 NL Holdem $10 1/2 $9.50
5532294 18-Jun-09 17:40 NL Holdem $25 1/10 $23
5532232 18-Jun-09 17:31 NL Holdem $25 1/10 $23
5532147 18-Jun-09 17:23 NL Holdem $25 1/10 $23
5532259 18-Jun-09 17:20 NL Holdem $25 1/10 $23
5525318 17-Jun-09 20:51 NL Holdem $25 1/2 $23.75
5524223 17-Jun-09 18:44 NL Holdem $25 1/2 $23.75
5523534 17-Jun-09 17:56 NL Holdem $25 1/10 $23
5523503 17-Jun-09 17:41 NL Holdem $10 1/10 $9.20

Whats really been going well is my Full ring games...It seems like every time I go in there, worst case I break even, which helps to rack up Rakeback, or best case I make like $10-50. I usually like to grind for 30-60 minutes and then take a break.

Speaking of Rakeback...this month so far I've made $86.90...heres the
breakdown cut and pasted right out of cakes software:

Hands Dealt 3776
Hands Raked 1863
Total Rake $105.99
Entry Fees $157.35
Total $263.34
Earnings: $86.90

I dont count the RB in my monthly totals until its credited, which is during the first week of the month, but its nice to know its accruing and will be in the acct soon. This months profit does include the $130 I got for May...

I'm gonna go on vaca for 6 days starting Tuesday, so not sure how much I'll play during that time...could be some or maybe none...we'll see.

June Poker Profit


GL all

Friday, June 19, 2009

Poker is fun!

Enjoying poker for the most part. Had one of the worst days of my poker life a couple of days ago, and it was hard mentally, but I let it go before I went to bed, and I'm proud of myself for that. I made the mistake of playing a bunch of DON's which I know how to play, but since it had been a while since I played any, I didnt play them optimally. To make matters worse, I ran awful, so the net was a big down day. On a brighter note, I had a very good day today...havent lost an SNG yet, and had a solid cash session too. I have learned to be very philosophical about bad beats and thought process goes something like this:

-I'm playing a buy in level that I know I have consistently beaten in the past
-So, the fact that I'm having a bad day is the exception, not the rule..
-So, once this patch of non-std variance is over I will be back to my winning ways
-So, I'm not gonna freak out, rather just keep grinding and everything will be fine.

This framework of thoughts has helped me immensely. I never play over my bankroll, so I never have to worry about a streak of bad variance busting me. Getting all worked up and emotional about a bad session, or day, is really just a waste of energy, so I try like hell to avoid if you let yourself get tilted, it can do major damage to your roll. No bueno! I'm feeling really good about my ability to mange the emotional swings. The main thing is just playing as well as possible at all times...being honest with yourself if your not, and avoid playing when you're tired, intoxicated, or in any kind of bad mood.

June Profit


GL All


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Steady Climbin...

Not putting in as much volume as I would like, but having pretty decent results when
I do, so I'm not gonna complain. Still playing mostly on Cake til 7-2 when my bonus qual period ends. Still have $320 available to take down, and no way I'll get anywhere close to all of it, but I'll just be happy with whatever I can get. Just really been grinding the $10 HU with the occasional $25. I crunched some numbers, and my lifetime win/loss at $10 (on WingmanMtP username) on Cake is 178-158...really not very good. After 7-2, Cake will just be a backup for when Stars does server restarts, which was actually the original reason why I established it.

Gonna go to Denver for a whole week on 6-23, so going to modify the June goal down to $1400, because I know I will not be playing much if any while I'm out there.

June Profit


I was breaking it out by site, but have transferred quite a bit of money around for buddy ships me cash on Stars and I ship them on Cake or vice versa, so
it doesnt really reflect reality, so I just combined it.



Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Set a goal of $2000 for June...not sure if I will make it, but so far doing pretty well. Really need to bust out more volume...frankly listening to too much music and fucking around too much, but what are you gonna do?

Not playing alot of volume, but def feeling good when I do play...maybe thats why I'm playing so well...who knows???

June Poker Profit

Stars $ 94
Cake/Mys $415

Total $509

Friday, June 5, 2009

So far, so good...

June is off to a decent $130 in Rakeback from Cake, and been playing some solid HU. Mostly just playing $10's on Cake trying to find my rhythm. Once I feel that I'm destroying the $10's, I will go back to the $25's. I've played a couple hundred $25's on cake, and I have a positive ROI, but only about 1%. Obtaining FPP's is slow at the $10 level, so still have $340 left on the signup bonus. I've accepted the fact that I wont retire it all by July 2nd (the deadline), but I will work off as much as I can in June and just be happy with it.

Gonna work really hard this month to try to make $2000 in profit.

In tennis, Roger made the final of the French. He will play Robin Soderling for the title this weekend. Wow...if he can win that match, I cant see how hes not the best ever.

June Poker Profit

Stars $59
Cake/Mys $343

Total $402

Monday, June 1, 2009

June..Lets go!

Ok...So, I updated a few hours ago, but I just played some more and I wanted to update again. Just played a $100 HU Sng on Cake and won it, then I saw a donk that I've pwned a few times sitting in the $50 lobby and I sat him and got 99 in vs AK for stacks and got pwn'd. Oh well...thats the breaks. I also just played a little on Stars, and the software is so much better its unreal. Cake is listed as the 10th largest poker site worldwide in terms of traffic....they really need to upgrade the client. I'll be back on Stars soon...Enough about that.

Couple other cool things...I sold 100 call contracts naked on GM on Thursday. The June $1's (GMFV)...Got .28 for them. With the official Ch. 11 bankruptcy filing this AM, it looks like I made $2700+ in a jif. Love that! Won't be 100% official until June 19th, but I cannot fathom a scenario whereby those contracts wont go off the cliff worthless.

Also, Rafael Nadal was thrashed in 4 sets by Robin Soderling in the! A shocker is an understatement. I guess Roger will now have the best chance of his life to win the French and bolster his case as the best player who ever lived. BTW...I have a sports betting account, and if any of my friends, or poker buddies wants to place a wager on the French, or NBA final, or any sporting event for that matter, get in touch with me and I will help you out. My email is

June Poker profit

Stars $ 47
Cake/Mys $ 54

Total $101


May is Done...kinda glad

May has been a little bit frustrating. Up and down and all around. Getting a little bit tired of Cake...the software is clunky as hell. As for games filling at stakes like $10-$50, it's ok for HU...would never play it regularly for anything else. Games dont fill quick, its hard to multitable, and the rake is really hi for some formats (Double the rake that stars gets for DON's as an example). But I'm still marching forward with the bonus whoring process, and the rakeback is cool...made $130 in May which isn't credited to my account as of this second, so I'm not going to include it in my final May stats. The sign up bonus still has $350 to go...don't think I will retire it all by the deadline of July 2nd. Dont care that much though...they changed the rules May 1st and made Fpp's harder to get, but the rakeback is better than it was, so it is what it is...bottom line...the new program is better.

Made a few sportsbets on, and did well with that, and also made a little on Blackjack (I know degen!)

I did not make my minimum goal of $1000 for the month which is very dissapointing, but it just makes me more motivated for June. I want to make at least $2,000 in June to offset the shortfall and then some.

Final May Numbers

Stars $372
Cake and Mysports $457

Total Profit $829