Friday, November 13, 2009

Going to School....

Recently, I hired a guy to help me improve my
game...MrDream on Cake. Obviously, I have a good
grasp on the basics and on what it takes to
consistently beat the low stakes HU games like < $30
buy in. But, I've also known for awhile that in order
to move up the ranks, I probably needed to refine my plug some leaks, and learn some of the
sublteties of the game. Watching a player that is better
than you on Teamviewer is an excellent learning tool.
Some of what I have learned thus far:

I was playing too much from OOP
My endgame (50/100) is actually TOO aggro and I still play too much "poker"
More structure for the 25/50 level
When to cbet and when not to
How to see more Showdowns with marginal hands
Better understanding of Pot control (I had almost none...sad I know)
Several other "tricks of the trade"

I'm really tired right now, but I will talk some more about
this next time.



Net Nov MTD profit $189 (Coaching payment has been deducted)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Quick update

Just a quick note on my results for November, 2 days in. Been pretty uneventful, but it has occurred to me over the past few days and weeks just how hard this husng game is mentally. The bad beats come so fast and furious....the lost flips, the coolers, the suckouts, the setups, the runner runners, the aggro donks, the idiots, the fuckheads, the...well you get the idea. It can be extremely frustrating at times. I've gotten progressively better about dealing with it, but I still go on mini-tilt sometimes....did it tonight. Played a guy named "Gaygymnast" (nice huh) on Cake. He was good...and he was 3betting the fuck out of me and firing OOP and pot sized cbets and playing really fast. Obv I've seen this before, but this dude was better than most guys you see at $10/$25 with a $100+ average buy in and up like $7k in profit in only 1000 games or so. Anyway, I ended up 4bet shoving him with A7 and he had std, and so shitty. Oh happens. Then I ended up playing him again and lost again.

Played alot today, and tired....gonna crash.

November profit $71.66



Sunday, November 1, 2009

Final October

October is done...had a week off for vacation, got screwed by total scammer 1M A SHARK for $100, and had several god awful losing streaks, and still squeaked out a tiny profit of $318.66. I went ahead and deducted the $100 that total scammer 1M A SHARK fucked me out of from my profits, so if he pays me back in the future it will look like profit then.

Went out and got wasted last nite for was fun to hang out with friends, but I'm hurting today...I just dont drink much anymore and when I do I always pay the price. Need to drink some water I guess.

Next post I'm going to try to remember to spend some time going over the various ways a player can make money besides playing his/her regular games.

Final October Profit $318.66