Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More $11 HU

Played 7 $11 Hu games tonight. Went 5-2. Played well, and had some hands hold up and
some positive variance. I feel comfortable with these, but I'm gonna keep playing them a little bit longer. I still fell like I'm learning some new things, and wanna keep fine tuning before I try to jump to $22 for good.

Gonna lose Gold Star status this month, but thats ok. 1 tabling HU games generates far less
FPP than 3 or 4 tabling $15 9 mans. Trying to see where this HU can take me....wasnt the
original plan for January, but I like to go with the flow, and I'm pleased so far.

2009 Sharkscope $337
Total poker profit $469

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

$11 HU...mastering this dumb thing

Played nothing but $11 HU's. Did pretty well. Went 10-7. I'll take it. Once I feel totally
comfortable, I'm gonna try to move to $22 for good. I dont think it will be that much tougher.
Today, for the first time ever I actually played a bunch of games while watching TV, and I played well enough to have a 13% roi for the day. Whatta breakthrough....really just never tried it before.

YTD SS Profit $313

YTD total profit $445

Monday, January 26, 2009

More HU

Today I played 9 $11 games, 2 $22 games, and 5 $33's. Went 5-4, 2-1, and 3-2 respectively for a $74 day. I'll take it! I'm feeling very comfortable at $11. Unless I'm hammered or something, no reason to ever play a $6 HU again. $22 doesnt scare me at all anymore, but not quite ready to move up there 100%....but soon I think. Will keep game selecting some $33's and even sitting first if I'm feeling good. Got a $150 reload bonus credited the other that free money!

YTD Sharkscope + $289
YTD Total Poker Profit + $421

Friday, January 23, 2009


Well...I had a goal of $1000 Sharkscope for January. But then I had to take a full week off, so I am going to revise it to $500. Right now I'm up $243, so still have work to do. Wasn't planning on playing HU this moth at all and have ended up playing 98% HU. I gonna blame it on HokieGreg. He sent me a vid in late Dec of him playing $220 turbos. I learned alot from it, and it whetted my appetite to get back on the HU bus. I had pretty much decided that I wasn't going to play hu anymore....primarily because I am pwning the $15 - 9 man to the tune of a lifetime ROI of approx 24%, and I tend to tilt playing hu much more often. Well, like I said, Hokie's vid helped ( and sucked me in), and I went ahead and decided to buy another one from him. For the last few days, I'm just playing $11 HU...and doing well. So, gonna keep it up for now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry bout all the garbage posts..

Trying to post the sharkscope graph was harder than I thought!! Well...I played a ton of $22's and $55's yesterday, and I played very well. I ended up losing a fair amount of money, but the majority was awful suckouts. At least 3 different times I had the superior pocket it in good, only to see the villain spike the set. I'm proud of myself though, because I really didnt tilt, and I made some of it up towards the end. Played the 3rd $110 turbo of my life which I game selected and won. (2-1 lifetime on those). And, today I've been playing well again, and my results have been really good. I've won like 7 out of my last 8 or something. I'm up $202 on SS for Jan...haven't played much at all...gonna lose my Goldstar status if I dont start playing.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Image Hosted by

Lemme try this again.

That last SS screen shot was cut off. Trying again. Thx to Greg Tiller for helping me.

Took a week off...

Took a week off to handle some personal business. May be tought o have a $1000 sharkscope now, but we will see. As of this moment, I'm + $247 for January. Here is a ss screen shot.

Image Hosted by
By winpin at 2009-01-16

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan 1

Had a pretty good day on Jan. 1. Made $114 mostly pwning the $15 +$1 9-man STT. Also played quite a few $15 + $1.50 sats to some donkament MTT called the "Nightly $70 Grand". Even thought the Tournament fee is .50 higher (I have no idea why that is) than the regular $15 SNG, I still like to play them because it seems like there are a lot of higher buy in fish swimming around trying to get into the $55 MTT for $16.50. Aso, played quite a few $11 Hu's and one $22. On my way to my first $1000 sharkscope month.

Good start to 2009!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 is history

Had a frantic last couple of days in December. In the very first month that I ever made Silver Star, I made Gold Star too. Had to grind hard the last 2 days to get it, but got in there with 4003 points. Was 9 tabling .25/.50 on the last 2 days of the month to get there. It was actually a very good experience I think. I struggle with cash games, so having 9 games rolling forced me to play ridiculously tight...nut peddling essentially. Jammed aces pre when I was raised a few times, and got called once for a $50 score. Anyway, gonna try to see whaat freebies I can get from the Gold Star status...I see some freerolls MTT's.

Been crushing the $15 +$1 and the $25 + $2 9 man STT's. My sharkscope is reflecting my pwnage. Need to figure out how to cut and paste that and put it in here.

Final total poker profit for 2008 $3356.
Final 2008 sharkscope $2289

Made around $1000 in MTT's for the year. (Played like 5-10 in all)
Probably was breakeven or very slightly neg in ring games. (Played very little)

Been thinking alot about goals.

I want to have a $1000 Sharkscope month soon. January would be nice, and I think
it is well within reach.

In fact I'm already up $90 for Jan.

Happy New Year!!!!!