Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May is winding down

Its been a weird month.....Up and down and now back up a little bit. I had gotten into some bad habits in HU...very donkish habits. Bad habits kinda creep into your game slowly...little by little, and before you know it...blam...your playing like a fucking donk. The thing that I realized is that I never set any traps for my opponents...I always bet out my good hands, and never slowplay. Now, I'm not a huge fan of slowplaying, and alot of fish do it way too much, but against some opponents, it works really well. It kinda dawned on me when I was playing this one dude who would float my cbets on the flop every time. Then, if I checked the turn, he would fire a pot sized bet on the river and take it down. I finally just literally said to myself outloud..."just make a hand and check the turn". Well...I did and it worked like a charm. When he fired out, I repopped him...He instafolded leaving himself shortstacked. Ding...ligthbulb. Now, this isnt something that I didnt already know...I've done it a million times in the past...its just that I had gotten away from it...I was just in the habit of cbetting and if I had a made hand on the flop, betting out even bigger on the turn. This is the right play against some fish...particulary stations that arent gonna fold anything no matter what. But, the slightly more sophisticated donks require a little bit of deception to pwn.

I was also stabbing at too many pots OOP, getting hard headed at times, and also not letting hands develop...not allowing the villain to make dumb mistakes...I was forcing the action too much, and getting my self into dead end type positions too often. I feel like today I corrected alot of it...my results today have been much better, so keeping my fingers crossed that I am truly onto something, and that I have made some tweaks for the better.

I staked my friend Rob again, and this time we both made some money. I ended up making $129, and he ended up with a bankroll where he previously had none. Rob's a cool dude and a good poker player, but he really need to build up a roll if he wants to make a living playing cards. He knows this, but its easier said than done when you starting from ground zero. Also met another guy, Mike Csikasz (Csikasz on stars)...and we've partnered on some 4 mans too. Played a couple of brief sessions...his specialty appears to be HU, and his graph is sick, so looking forward to seeing what develops.

Still playing mostly on Cake...trying to work off this sign up bonus. They changed the rules for FPP's, so they accrue slower, but they dont back the bonus $$ out of the Rakeback anymore, so I think its a posiitve, but its a little convoluted. Still have $360 to go on that.

Anyway...every month has to be $1000+ going forward...minimum. Thats the goal, so I have a little work to do yet!!

May Poker Profit

Cake $293
Stars $388

Total $681


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plodding along

May has been a little bit of a slog so far...not bad, not good. Need to have another $1000+ month, and close to being on track for that. My friend Rob (1M A SHARK) and I partnered a 3375 FPP 4 Man HU the other day, and won it. My first time playng one of those. We were both pitted against guys that were up huge on scope, so it was exciting and gratifying. My boy Rob played a dude named Youngluck who is up like 90K on scope, and Rob made an unbelievable A hi hero call for the match. He was IM'ing me right before he called saying he was thinking of calling. I was watching his match, and I was skeptical, but I never make advice during matches unless asked, and he didn't ask, so I just watched as his timer ticked and he thought. Then he called, and Youngluck had shoved a busted str8 draw...bam! My heart was pounding. Then, the reality set in that I needed to win to ensure that we pwn'd the $215 bucks. Well...my guy was good too...up like $15K on scope. Like 2 hands later, he shoved a str8 draw into my set, and I called, and he whiffed.


Pretty cool....

Also staked Rob on some $25 HU's on Cake. He ended up playing 39 of them and went 17-22. I think he got a bit tilted towards the end, and started to force a little bit. Well...our deal was to split profit and loss, so we split the $174 loss, so I lost $87. So, we've done 2 stake deals, and I'm down exactly $200. We'll probably try something else soon....I know he's a good player.

May Poker Profit

Stars $341
Cake $122

Total $463

Friday, May 8, 2009


Well...a new month. Hopefully, it will be comparable to April. Thus far, it has been kinda up and down.

A few things of note....I qualified a $250 reload bonus on Stars a few days ago. Those are always nice. There is another one pending for $120, but it will probably be a June thing at the earliest since I'm playing full time on Cake now. I staked my buddy Rob $325 for some $6 SNG's, and we finished that up. I ended up losing $112 on that, so it def didn't turn out the way either of us had hoped. I received a rakeback credit from Cake on May 1st....rakeback is cool!

May Poker Profit

Stars $201
Cake $ 6

Total $207



Friday, May 1, 2009

Bad last day, but good April

Played a bunch of HU today, 4 mans and 2 mans. Played pretty bad overall, and ran bad too. Lost about $200 on Stars.

On 2 mans


$55 1 2
$33 5 6
$25 3 1 (Cake)

On 4 mans....well...lets just say we got pwned. Actually we went 2-7 in $22's and 1-1 in $11's, and my buddy lost most of his roll.

Final April

Stars - <$9>
Mys Poker $1140
Cake $ 540

Total $1671