Saturday, August 1, 2009

July results

I have not posted all month because I was not able to implement my higher stakes "litmus" test to really see where I am with my poker "career". There are several reasons for this, but its not really important to get into those now. July is done...I made only $493 for the month. But there are some positive signs for sure. The most encouraging thing were my Stars results. Check this out...

Wingpin 21 $9.36 $30 37% $197 WWWWWWWL N/A PokerStars 7/1/2009 7/31/2009 SNG Only

Yep....21 total games played...$30 avg buy-in, $197 in profit, and 37% ROI!!!

I played quite a few games on Cake and only made around $300. The problem with Cake is that late at night (which is when I end up playing alot unfortunately), the $25's are crawling with regs like "MrBustalotz" and "AKreal" and "Koookie". Well...I'm not interested in playing these fuckers, so I end up sitting first in $10's. So, why do I keep playing on Cake???....well I was finishing up the bonus whoring process, which is done after this weekend. plan is to play exclusively on Stars starting Monday Aug 3rd.

I plan on August being the month where I really see where I belong.

Final July Profit $493



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