Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Super solid month

Churning out the steady profits I need once again this month.
My "WingmanMtP" username on Cake is starting to put together
a decent little statsheet. I just noticed that my ss ability
rating is a "70" for the first time ever I think. Here are the #'s.

WingmanMtP 3,632 $0.51 $14 5% $1,860 WWWWWWWW 70 Cake SNG Only

I've been playing alot of $25 husngs the last few days
and my results have been very solid. The games are taking
forever to regenerate in Cake's lobby which sucks, but I'm
still working off a little bit of bonus cash and the $200 or
so I've gotten in rakeback this month definitely doesnt suck!
I've also played a fair number of DONs with really good results.
I finally figured out the proper approach to them and I've
been amazingly disciplined in them which I'm quite proud of.
Also, it occured to me today, that I really just dont tilt
anymore. I adopted a new approach which basically consists
of me laughing my ass off everytime a fish suckouts out on
me or if I get coolered. I basically dont give a fuck if I
get sucked out on. Really...I'm gonna play my 20-30 games...some
are gonna be suckouts...oh well. I'm used to it by now...and
sometimes I suck out. Its not worth worrying about.

Up about $1200 on the month so far...feeling sooo insanely good
and confident.

The plan is to get as much of this last $80 of bonus off of
Cake by the deadline of 2-5-10 and then its fulltime stars...$33's.

Gl All!!


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