Saturday, August 21, 2010


Been playing more games in August than I did last month. Theres only so much sun you can get I suppose :-)

Not having a great month, but not awful either. Been spending most of my time
sitting the 25/33 on Cake. Theres a couple of higher stakes guys that love to sit me when they see me, so I've been hesitant to sit the $55 too much. Just been content to play my $30 avg stake and grind out my daily bread. Hopefully will
get up into the $1200 profit range by months end.

August profit $792.91




MuLiTiAx said...

Glad to see you're grind is going decent, get in more volume m8! Also, how you liking the games on Cake as compared to the likes of Stars/FTP?

Wingpin said...

I like Cake for the 33% RB + I'm getting bonus that equates to an addtl 21%, so 54% effective RB. The downsides are traffic is weak late at night, and if there is a good player lurking, your gonna have to play him and earn his respect. If there is someone I just dont wanna play who is constantly sitting me, I will just go play 33's on Stars for awhile.

endgamep said...

When are you going to sit the 55+ permanently? you just gotta do it. Even though it fails its the correct thing to do permanently.

It's tough to get out of the comfort zone and stay there, But it's only one way to do it.

I feel the same thing when i'm interacting with hot girls at the club. Sometimes i get into a spot where im absolutely sure she is intersted and ready (they are leaing into me when i'm talking etc. I know I got them, I got all the reads i can ask for, but its so damn tough to get out of the comfort zone and kiss them, even though i know its the right thing to do, and I'm quite sure it will work, (at least somewhat work).

Sometimes the correct thing to do is to get out of the comfort zone and keep doing it until that comfort zone is one step further towards the goal.

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