Friday, October 1, 2010

Sep Wrapup

Just put a lid on September, and it was another decent month. Played 546 games, mostly on Cake, but did maybe 1/3 of them on Stars. Ran awful in the $33s on both sites. Did well at every other level I played. On the first day of September I played a $110 and a $220 (my first $220 ever), and lost both. Ended the day down close to a grand, but from that day forward climbed steadily. Played a few 4 mans and we had good results, but I lost almost every FT flip so that distorted my stats quite a bit. Don't care too much about that though :-)

One thing that I noticed that I'm making progress on is maintaining my composure most of the time. I feel that inexperienced players, or plain old bad players tend to freak out fairly easily and push the panic button. While this may work some of the time, more often than not, it results in poor play and losses. I rarely do this
anymore. What really helps me in this area is knowing, not thinking, but knowing that I have beaten the level that I'm playing, and if I keep my cool and keep grinding, things will work themselves out in the end. Thats why, for HUSNG at least, I think its very important to take your time on moving up. Get to the point where you own the level, and its indisputable. Make some money...then when your ready
you can take a shot at the next level. Set a buyin limit for your trial and go from there. Playing above your skill level is gambling. The odds arent going to be favorable either....if you wanna gamble, thats cool..but I'd recommend, Blackjack, Craps, or Roulette where you have about a 48% chance....much better (several ROI points anyway) than if you play some shark in a $110 when ur skills are at $11.

Final Sep Profit $1,644.30

GL All



Drew said...

Nice job man. It's good to hear that you've got working mental strategies down, and I agree with your thoughts on moving up.

endgamep said...

Nice profit improvments last few months.

I disagree with playing blackjack or other 100% sure -ev casinogames instead of playing a shark at highstakes.
Fight the sharks sometimes and analyse after the game and learn from it. It's an investment. Betther than throwing money out of the window at casino-gambling games.