Friday, March 6, 2009


Played a grip of $55's the other day. Played like a donk, ran bad, and got tilted. No bueno! Lost like $400 or so. Have recouped a little since then, but frankly been a little shell shocked. I guess there is a significant jump in the quality of the opponents at this level. I'm gonna go back to game selecting $20-$55 and grinding $20/$22's by sitting first, and rebuild a little bit before I'm gonna try the $55 again.

YTD profit $440
YTD Scope $446

March Profit <-$256>


Thomas nyland said...

You should beat the 55 quite soon. It's very slim (if any) skill difference compared to the 22 and 33. But of course it's always a bit tough mentally to play higher buy ins, and get used to twice as big downswings. Just keep taking shots, and you'll be grinding the 55 in some months.

The jump from 55 to 110 is a bit tougher though.

Wingpin said...

Thx man. I got kinda discouraged when I lost so many $55's the other day. It got to the point where I was saying to myself "You cant win..." as I donked off game after game. Terrible feeling...
I'm surprised you say there is little skill difference between 22/33 and 55. It sure seems like there is to me.