Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More of the same today....

I'm just turning into a fucking whiner now...and I know it...just started playing today, and this was one of the first few games.

PokerStars Game #26359208509: Tournament #150762524, $11.00+$0.50 Hold'em No Limit - Match Round I, Level II (15/30) - 2009/03/25 18:25:24 ET
Table '150762524 1' 2-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: bar_juny (1480 in chips)
Seat 2: Wingpin (1520 in chips)
Wingpin: posts small blind 15
bar_juny: posts big blind 30
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Wingpin [Kc 2s]
Wingpin: raises 45 to 75
bar_juny: raises 45 to 120
Wingpin: calls 45
*** FLOP *** [Qh Tc Ks]
bar_juny: bets 240
Wingpin: calls 240
*** TURN *** [Qh Tc Ks] [2h]
bar_juny: checks
Wingpin: bets 450
bar_juny: raises 670 to 1120 and is all-in
Wingpin: calls 670
*** RIVER *** [Qh Tc Ks 2h] [Ah]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
bar_juny: shows [Ad Td] (two pair, Aces and Tens)
Wingpin: shows [Kc 2s] (two pair, Kings and Deuces)
bar_juny collected 2960 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 2960 | Rake 0
Board [Qh Tc Ks 2h Ah]
Seat 1: bar_juny (big blind) showed [Ad Td] and won (2960) with two pair, Aces and Tens
Seat 2: Wingpin (button) (small blind) showed [Kc 2s] and lost with two pair, Kings and Deuces



bartchalker said...

It can def be frustrating. Anyone who has played poker with any degree of seriousness can understand where you're coming from.

I don't think there is too much advice that can be given except to try to run better, haha.

There is one hand that kinda comes to mind, the one where you had was it A4 on the 234 board? On the flop when he led into you for 80 I think you need to make more than the minimum raise there, especially if you're opponent is likely to call with many hands you beat/draws. It didn't matter in this particular circumstance but something to think about. He was drawing to 2 outs after the turn so you had him smoked int his hand.

Just make sure you keep your head and take breaks. Sometimes it helps me to break my mouse :) it makes me feel better plus it forces me to take a break to go buy a new mouse, ha.

GL, hope it turns soon.

bartchalker said...

BTW, with that A4 hand when you make 2 pair on the turn, I might be incline to check there to control the pot a bit and maybe just call a river bet then if opponent is bluffy. When he CR the turn with that board he is representing significant strength so it appears a borderline call, but I wasn't playing so I have no idea how crazy villain was. As it turns out pretty goddamn crazy, but I think most of the time if an opponent is really bluffy you will be better off long term checking that turn to snap off a river bluff. Obv once you call the turn you're committed getting 4 to 1 on the river call. Just my 2 cents, have a good one.

Wingpin said...

bart..I see what you mean about checking the turn. As I look at the situation in hindsite, I see where it looks like I played the hand poorly. Theres nothing more frustrating than making a "questionable" call based on the flow of the game and the idiocy of your opponent...have the read by correct...and then lose anyway on some left field luckbox bullshit river. But, your advice is good, and I will def try to incorporate it into my game. Thanks!