Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plodding along

May has been a little bit of a slog so far...not bad, not good. Need to have another $1000+ month, and close to being on track for that. My friend Rob (1M A SHARK) and I partnered a 3375 FPP 4 Man HU the other day, and won it. My first time playng one of those. We were both pitted against guys that were up huge on scope, so it was exciting and gratifying. My boy Rob played a dude named Youngluck who is up like 90K on scope, and Rob made an unbelievable A hi hero call for the match. He was IM'ing me right before he called saying he was thinking of calling. I was watching his match, and I was skeptical, but I never make advice during matches unless asked, and he didn't ask, so I just watched as his timer ticked and he thought. Then he called, and Youngluck had shoved a busted str8 draw...bam! My heart was pounding. Then, the reality set in that I needed to win to ensure that we pwn'd the $215 bucks. guy was good too...up like $15K on scope. Like 2 hands later, he shoved a str8 draw into my set, and I called, and he whiffed.


Pretty cool....

Also staked Rob on some $25 HU's on Cake. He ended up playing 39 of them and went 17-22. I think he got a bit tilted towards the end, and started to force a little bit. Well...our deal was to split profit and loss, so we split the $174 loss, so I lost $87. So, we've done 2 stake deals, and I'm down exactly $200. We'll probably try something else soon....I know he's a good player.

May Poker Profit

Stars $341
Cake $122

Total $463

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Thomas nyland said...

Well done in the FPP. And youre obviously improving every year now.

im just playing my FPPs in the 6-man hyperturbo now. Its the best hourly profit since it takes less than 5 min to blast off 5400 FPPs.

FPP profit is a significant part of the proit when youre supernova. I excpect to get about 15K profit out of my FPPs in 2009.