Friday, November 13, 2009

Going to School....

Recently, I hired a guy to help me improve my
game...MrDream on Cake. Obviously, I have a good
grasp on the basics and on what it takes to
consistently beat the low stakes HU games like < $30
buy in. But, I've also known for awhile that in order
to move up the ranks, I probably needed to refine my plug some leaks, and learn some of the
sublteties of the game. Watching a player that is better
than you on Teamviewer is an excellent learning tool.
Some of what I have learned thus far:

I was playing too much from OOP
My endgame (50/100) is actually TOO aggro and I still play too much "poker"
More structure for the 25/50 level
When to cbet and when not to
How to see more Showdowns with marginal hands
Better understanding of Pot control (I had almost none...sad I know)
Several other "tricks of the trade"

I'm really tired right now, but I will talk some more about
this next time.



Net Nov MTD profit $189 (Coaching payment has been deducted)

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