Sunday, November 1, 2009

Final October

October is done...had a week off for vacation, got screwed by total scammer 1M A SHARK for $100, and had several god awful losing streaks, and still squeaked out a tiny profit of $318.66. I went ahead and deducted the $100 that total scammer 1M A SHARK fucked me out of from my profits, so if he pays me back in the future it will look like profit then.

Went out and got wasted last nite for was fun to hang out with friends, but I'm hurting today...I just dont drink much anymore and when I do I always pay the price. Need to drink some water I guess.

Next post I'm going to try to remember to spend some time going over the various ways a player can make money besides playing his/her regular games.

Final October Profit $318.66



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