Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec is good so far....

Been playing very well...almost exclusively $22 HU on stars. Gonna keep it up till I just feel like I OWN this level. My ROI is running really hi and I do feel like I own the level now, but I'm just gonna try to focus on getting in as many games as I can at this level in December and try to have a big month. Over $1000 obv is the min goal, but I think $1500 or even $2000 might be possible. We'll see...

Real quick...wanted to run down a few other ways
that a new poker player can make money besides
just playing your game of choice. For old hands,
this will not be helpful, but for newer players it might.

-All sites have retention programs. For Stars its mostly about FPP. When you are just starting out, the best way to utilize these is to play Satellites. If you win, you can "unreg" and then use the T$ for more SNG's. One I played alot back in the day was the 70 FPP sat to the Sunday Quarter million. There is also a 210 FPP one, as well as others.

-The freeroll tourneys. On stars they have tons of them. If you get to Silver status there are even more. They are a good experience to play, and you can build
your roll without having to put out any cash. Example: Stars has several freeroll
$500 and $1000 tourneys every single day that only cost a few FPP's.

-Bonuses. Always take advantage of reloads. They are the easiest $$ you will ever make in poker. Also, if you have a friend that wants to sign up, have them sign thru you.

-Rakeback. Most sites will give you a percentage of your rake back to you every week or month. This is an awesome deal...uhnfortunately Sars doesnt offer it, but most other sites do. You must have a code before you create your account!!!

-Buying T$/W$. If you are gonna play steps, google T$/W$ and buy them at a discount. W$ are almost always available at a small discount to face and can be used for Steps. You can also trade with other players, but be careful not to get scammed.

-Coaching. If you get good enough to churn out steady profits, you can market your
expertise on a fee basis. There are also sites where you can sell your videos to people that want to learn.

-Staking. You can make money doing this, but be careful!

-Prop Bets The only thing limiting you here is your imagination.

There obviously lots of other ways, but these will be good for the average newbie.

Dec Profit


GL at the tables!~!



Anonymous said...

I sometimes play the 70FPP to the 1/4 million, soft as shit as they say over here.

How many buy-ins are you using for the $22's out of interest?

Wingpin said...

Yeah...I would 6 or 8 table those 70 FPP sats. Usually 2 or 3 players will donk out in the first hand or 2. I could usually win at least 1 sometimes 2 or 3 in a session. Good way to pad the roll. As for my roll...I'm waaaaay overolled for $22's. I have 100+ buyins. I like being ridic comfortable. Stress is the enemy of the online poker player imo.

bpmst2 said...

hey wing, if ur still lookin for a 22/33 partner i think i know someone who is interested in that. Thought of you when he asked