Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Looking for Partners to Grind $20 or $22 4mans

Been steadily grinding the $20/$22's and have been doing quite well lately. Here are some stats from scope:

Past 100 $20/$22 HU

Wingpin 100 $2.44 $22 11% $244 WWWLLLLL N/A PokerStars Last100 S20-22 Heads Up SNG Only

Past 200 $20/$22 HU

Wingpin 200 $2.45 $22 11% $490 WWWLLLLL N/A PokerStars Last200 S20-22 Heads Up SNG Only

Past 250 $20/$22 HU

Wingpin 250 $2.62 $22 12% $656 WWWLLLLL N/A PokerStars Last250 S20-22 Heads Up SNG Only

Past 300 $20/$22 HU

Wingpin 300 $2.6 $22 12% $780 WWWLLLLL N/A PokerStars Last300 S20-22 Heads Up SNG Only

I didnt go back any further, but you get the idea. Double digit ROI works out to roughly $2.50 a game in expected profit.

I want to incorporate some 4 manning into the mix while I am grinding 2 mans solo, so if you have a solid profitable track record at this stake level over a decent sample size, hit me up.

Quick wrap up on last month. Bought some coaching and reupped my sharkscope
sub, and as always I deduct those expenditures from my profits when I incur them. So, after those expenses, I netted $238. Really didnt grind very hard, and obviously
generated over twice that amount in actual poker profit before expenses, so not terribly dissapointed, but want to be in the $1000+ range every month, so I guess
I need to put in more games.

Til next time...

GL All


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