Friday, April 2, 2010

Final March

Finished out March like a lamb after a hot start. Ended up making $1,270 mostly in the $22 HU turbo. Basically felt like I owned the $22 level, so I officially moved up to $33s on Stars, hopefully for good. It's cool to move up a really feels like progress is being made. Made Gold Star on stars too, which is kinda cool, but for the time being I'm gonna play alot on Cake because I have $380 in bonus pending on there. Also...they are offering another $300 reload, so I'll probably go ahead and deposit and get that too. So...I guess it will be almost entirely $25s on Cake, and $33's when I play on Stars. Probably take some shots at $55 on Cake too...played a $55 today and won against a good player. Coolered him hard...heres the hand.

Hand#21887E07E7000010 - $55 Heads-up NL Hold'em Turbo T8259559 -- Table 1 -- $0/$10/$20 NL Hold'em -- 2010/04/01 - 20:21:58
Seat 3: WingmanMtP ($1,330 in chips)
Seat 8: john***8 ($1,670 in chips) DEALER
john***8: posts small blind 10
WingmanMtP: posts big blind 20
Dealt to WingmanMtP [Th,Qd]
john***8: raises to 60
WingmanMtP: calls 40
*** FLOP *** [Js,2d,9h]
WingmanMtP: checks
john***8: bets 80
WingmanMtP: calls 80
*** TURN *** [8h]
WingmanMtP: checks
john***8: is all in 1530.0000
WingmanMtP: is all in 1190.0000
john***8: returns uncalled bet 340
WingmanMtP: shows [Th Qd]
john***8: shows [Ad Ac]
*** RIVER *** [Ts]
WingmanMtP: wins 2,660 with Straight, Queen high

Not sure how I feel about his shove...I see his rationale for
it, but I cant really see myself calling with many hands he
has beat either. Maybe AJ/KJ I'd call, and TJhh or T2hh I'd
be very tempted, but other than that, I'm folding most likely.

Welll....not much else to report. See you at the "tables"

Final March profit $1270




KnockoffNeil said...

good to see you had another stella month. Only just came across your blog but ive had a skim through coz im jus starting out in HU sngs. DoNs was my bread and butter B4 so im quite surprised how well i seem to do in HU since its a totally different beast. Have a good April dude.


PS, ur linked

Drew said...

I don't like the open shove w/AA either. I'd prefer a PSB, or overbet, though it'd still be a tough call if you came over the top since you could do that with some kind of combo draw that he would still be ahead of. Would be totally dependent on his read/your style in that case I suppose. And if you just flat called a PSB on the turn, he might still be able to fold after that T on the river.

Wingpin said...

Knockoff...good luck with the HU man. Its def a much diff game than me its more interesting and skill based. Not to take anything away from DONs...I've played my share of them too. But I prefer HU.

Drew Yeah..I agree with what you said, but I wouldve probably min raised his PSB and he most likely wouldve gone broke anyway. I just didnt really like his line this case prolly neither here nor there, but IMO its always best to take the most +EV line you can.

Wingpin said...

I like to discuss strat sometimes, so if anyone wants to hit me up, my AIM is Johnewmexico.