Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May's Done

May was a big month for me as I began playing quite a few $55s on the regular for the first time ever. I still mixed in some $33s on Stars and some $25s on Cake, and late in the month, Cake added a $33 hu also. As it turned out, I really played more $33s than anything, but I did play more $55s than ever before, so that's progress.

Heres how things shaped up:

Wingpin 438 $1.72 $32 7% $755 N/A N/A Global Alias 5/1/2010 5/31/2010 SNG Only wingmanmtp (CK)wingpin (PS)

Out of 438 games played, I played a grand total of 70 at $50+ including 4 games at $100+. Of the remaining 368 games, 349 were at $20+. I'm very happy with the fact
that my average buyin for the entire month was $32. This means that most of my games are $33+ which is exactly what I want. I love the fact that Cake finally added
a $33 husng, and you will definitely be seeing me in that alot.

I made a ton of money in bonuses this month. Cleaned up like never before with over $300 on Stars, and even more on Cake, plus Rakeback. Its amazing how much money
you start making from these areas as you climb up the poker ladder. This month, I made a total of $1590.50, and about 1/2 of that was from bonuses and RB!

I just finished a long grind session, and for the first time in like a week, I didn't breakeven...feels good to make a little cash after several sideways days.

Very sleepy atm, so I'm gonna crash and get ready for another big day tomorrow.

Total Profit $1,668.50
Less 6 month Sharkscope sub -$78.00

Final May Profit $1,590.50



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Richard Speirs said...

Great job! The $50's will only get better for ya and before you know it you'll be flippin $3k+ months! Amazing how much rakeback and bonuses boost you up there. I love it.