Tuesday, May 18, 2010

$55s...pretty big step for me

For the last few days I've been playing mostly $55s with a few $33s when I'm on Stars and a few $25s when I'm on Cake. Although, I'm getting a ridic good RB + Bonus deal with Cake, I usually play late at night, and the traffic on Cake is dismal at that time.....so I've been putting in quite a few games on Stars. The only good thing about that is, the games fill really quick.

I'm about breakeven with the $55s in a small sample. So far, my observations are as follows:

-Again...My sample size is still small, but most of the players arent that good

-The $$$ amount doesnt affect my willingness to shove, bluff, etc at all...In fact, I usually forget what amount I'm playing for in the heat of the battle.

-It's really hard to tilt me...really hard.

-The avg player on stars $55s is better than the average player in Cake $55s.

So..bottom line, I'm pretty confident I have an edge here in this level, but time will tell for sure. I'm pretty excited about the new challenge!

May MTD profit $1,022




Neilc999/Knockoffneil said...

Good to see your killin this month dude keep it up.

Drew said...

Good luck with the move up, I'm sure you'll kill it.

Brian said...

You're good enough for 55s man. Just realize those guys are jokes and you're one step closer to crushing.