Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Gotta figure out a way to make more money at poker. I feel like I may be ready to play for higher stakes, and I have nearly $4 grand of bankroll that I won, but nevertheless I feel hesitant to play even the $27 - 9 mans. I hate those swings that caused me to lose something like 16 straight $15 9 man STT's. Ouch.... But, I need to get over it...I want to make at least $3,000 per month by the end of the year, but I dont think thats realistic right away. So, maybe $1K per month is a good goal, but even that is tough to arrive at when I crunch numbers....unless I really move up my average stake. At 5% ROI you would need to play like $700 worth of tourneys a day to make $35/day on average. This would get you over $1000 a month. $700 would require approx 47 $15's, 26 $27's, 20 $35's, 14 $50's....Just writing this makes me realize that I need more discipline when I play. Playing the $6 HU games because they are comfortable, slowing up when I'm ahead for the day, getting sucked into playing low limit games to "get even" or whatever. I need to be more business like in my approach.

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