Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good results last night!!

Was on a heater last night. Was up about $200 or so in SNG's and then I decided to play an MTT which I rarely ever do. The reason I decided to play the $55 Nightly 70 Grand (as its called) is because I played four 9-man $15+$1.50 buy in SNG satellites into the event and I won 3 of them!!! So...I figured it was kinda like a freeroll. The one I busted out of was my AK vs his QQ. I flopped an A, but he turned a set and I was left with $5. Oh well...3 outta 4 aint bad!!

Anyway, I played the $55 buy in MTT and since they are boring I entered a $15 Buy in MTT as well. I got reasonably deep in both, but alas busted out of the money in both. Played some more SNG's after that, and won a little bit more. Final tally $3895...I guess I made $173. Not bad, but I played for like 16 hours! Earned an ass of FPP's too...probably about 200 or so...Quite alot for me for one day. Gonna play some later, but have to take care of some restaurant business first.

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