Saturday, December 27, 2008


Played the most ever in one day on Christmas day. Took a pretty big hit...about $600 or so. Lost 3 Step 3 tickets too. Played a ton of $55 + $5, $35 +$3 and $25 + $2 9 mans. Results were poor, but I can't say I played all that bad....(except for the last 10 games or so, when I was so tired I might have played bad then.) Did earn over 1000 FPP's in one day, and might even make Gold Star this month...I really want to and I need just under 1000 more in the last 5 days. One other bright spot...My HU reulsts have been really good the last few days.

I'm gonna grind some $15 and some $6 9-mans to rebuild my confidence and bankroll, and then take some more shots at $27.

Total profit for 2008 $3009.

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