Friday, January 23, 2009


Well...I had a goal of $1000 Sharkscope for January. But then I had to take a full week off, so I am going to revise it to $500. Right now I'm up $243, so still have work to do. Wasn't planning on playing HU this moth at all and have ended up playing 98% HU. I gonna blame it on HokieGreg. He sent me a vid in late Dec of him playing $220 turbos. I learned alot from it, and it whetted my appetite to get back on the HU bus. I had pretty much decided that I wasn't going to play hu anymore....primarily because I am pwning the $15 - 9 man to the tune of a lifetime ROI of approx 24%, and I tend to tilt playing hu much more often. Well, like I said, Hokie's vid helped ( and sucked me in), and I went ahead and decided to buy another one from him. For the last few days, I'm just playing $11 HU...and doing well. So, gonna keep it up for now.

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