Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry bout all the garbage posts..

Trying to post the sharkscope graph was harder than I thought!! Well...I played a ton of $22's and $55's yesterday, and I played very well. I ended up losing a fair amount of money, but the majority was awful suckouts. At least 3 different times I had the superior pocket it in good, only to see the villain spike the set. I'm proud of myself though, because I really didnt tilt, and I made some of it up towards the end. Played the 3rd $110 turbo of my life which I game selected and won. (2-1 lifetime on those). And, today I've been playing well again, and my results have been really good. I've won like 7 out of my last 8 or something. I'm up $202 on SS for Jan...haven't played much at all...gonna lose my Goldstar status if I dont start playing.

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