Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 is history

Had a frantic last couple of days in December. In the very first month that I ever made Silver Star, I made Gold Star too. Had to grind hard the last 2 days to get it, but got in there with 4003 points. Was 9 tabling .25/.50 on the last 2 days of the month to get there. It was actually a very good experience I think. I struggle with cash games, so having 9 games rolling forced me to play ridiculously tight...nut peddling essentially. Jammed aces pre when I was raised a few times, and got called once for a $50 score. Anyway, gonna try to see whaat freebies I can get from the Gold Star status...I see some freerolls MTT's.

Been crushing the $15 +$1 and the $25 + $2 9 man STT's. My sharkscope is reflecting my pwnage. Need to figure out how to cut and paste that and put it in here.

Final total poker profit for 2008 $3356.
Final 2008 sharkscope $2289

Made around $1000 in MTT's for the year. (Played like 5-10 in all)
Probably was breakeven or very slightly neg in ring games. (Played very little)

Been thinking alot about goals.

I want to have a $1000 Sharkscope month soon. January would be nice, and I think
it is well within reach.

In fact I'm already up $90 for Jan.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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