Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sat first in $55's tonight for a couple of hours. Went 5-5 single tabling. Didnt run particularly well or poorly. Wasn't overly impressed with anyone I played, and felt very comfortable the entire time.

This may well be premature...but I feel today may have been a turning point. So far this month I've played 39 games, with 37 of them at $33 or above. Sitting first in $55's isn't something that I've ever felt like I could handle until now. The level of play hasnt been the problem for a while, but rather the money swings would have gotten to me in the past. Tonight, I lost my first 3 in a row (all to std plays/lost flips, etc), and it didnt get to me one bit. I just kept my head down, kept focusing, and went 5-2 from that point on to end at 5-5.

We shall see, but I feel like I'm about to bust out!!!

Sep profit $220

GL All



bartchalker said...

Keep rolling! Pretty soon you'll be grinding the $5600's!!

Wingpin said...

Haha...I doubt that, but my goal is to become a reg at $55 over the next month or two and a reg at the $110 by the end of the year. I think its well within reach.