Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuff month...but up a little bit

Grinding away every day. The only reason I'm up a little bit is because I've
qualified a couple bonuses on from all the way back in April for $120, and another one for $100 from WCOOP, and of course Rakeback on Cake, and the $10 freebies I get every few days on Cake from the initial deposit. I STILL have $70 left on that original $600. Have made some $$ grinding ring on Cake, but I can only do it for like 30 mins at a time, because I really kinda dislike it. Not even really sure why...meh. My stars scope shows more losses than I really have due to 4 mans, but still am down on Stars for the month. Gonna try to get the rest of the $70from Cake before I go full time on stars.

At least I'm feeling better than I was a few days ago...downswings suck balls!!

Sep Profit $269

GL All


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