Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sep has been such a grind...

Been a tuff month...had my Stars acct frozen for about 5 days because
a friend of mine shipped me $40 on the transfer function and he now owes Stars money, so they froze me as a precaution I guess. All is fine now, but it was stressful for a few days. Havn't really made any money in HUSNG's the entire month.
All told, I'm up a small amount but only because of bonuses, rakeback, a few small sports bets and a little bit of ring. Actually started 4 tabling DON's the last 2 days just to retire FPP's and earn RB. They are hella boring, but I know ICM
well enough to play the $10 or $25's on Cake at a positive ROI and get the last $40 of my signup and obv the Rakeback. Man....I feel like such a scrounger!

My results in the $22/$33 have been below average and frankly very dissapointing. Perhaps I need to look at some individual coaching again...Idk what it is. HU is very hard emotionally.

Im up a whopping $152 gambling this month.....woot woot..

GL All


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