Friday, October 23, 2009

Chill month

Went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for about 5 days with an old friend, and we had a great time. Actually played a few $10 games in the airport in Charlotte, and a few more laying on the beach in front of the condos, but power wasnt available down by the beach, and the wi-fi in the room was too spotty to play, so basically had about a full week where I played almost none. Despite that, and despite the fact that I've had like 3 separate spells where I lost like 8-12 in a row and couldnt catch a break to save my soul, the month has gone pretty well.

I'm playing all $10/$25 (Cake) and $11/$22 (Stars) because its low stress, and I know I can churn out $150-$250 a week like clockwork. So, for the month, I'm up $382.48...obv not alot, but like I said, there is something to be said for low stress and steady money coming in.

I've made withdrawals for 3 months straight now after not withdrawing all year prior to that. I took out $2k a few months ago, $1600 last month, and just submitted a request for $1000 from Cake yesterday. My roll is still sitting at a healthy $7140, so no issue with being able to play anything I want up to about $55 HU. Its really cool to know that every dime in my roll is money that I earned, and all the withdrawals too. I may just start taking out cash every month even if I dont really need it...just seeing the fruits of the labor is motivating for me. Cake sends checks out (which takes too long and is kinda prehistoric, but I digress), and there is a motivational spark that goes off in me when I receive the check and take it to the kind of puts a lil pep in my step. Since poker is not my full time job, and since I almost always make at least $500 each month, I think I'm going to start withdrawing a minimum of $500 just for the "feel good" factor.

I had written earlier about moving up in stakes which obviously hasnt happened yet. It just seems like every time I try, if I go on a losing streak, I feel the urge to reign things in and just revert back to the comfy confines of the $22's or $25's where I know for a fact I can make steady cash. Its def a mental block that I'm still working on. More about that next time.

Oct profit $382

GL All


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