Monday, October 26, 2009

Grinding donk stakes HU

So far this month I've played 396 games. Here are my stats:

Wingpin 33 $1.54 $15 13% $51 WWWLWLLL N/A PokerStars 10/1/2009 10/31/2009

WingmanMtP 363 $0.47 $12 5% $171 WWLLWWWW N/A Cake 10/1/2009 10/31/2009

Cake has kind of gotten me hooked with the Rakeback which is 33% paid weekly by the way. I get about $30 every week, which really adds up.

I wanted to talk about the level that I'm playing right now. As you can see from the stats above, my avg buyin for October is $15 for Stars and $12 for Cake. This is consistent with what I said in my last post that I'm basically playing mostly $10/$25 on Cake and $11/$22 on Stars. I want to advance my poker career more than anyone can imagine, but right now, I'm in a financial situation where I need to grind out sure profits. I know for a fact that if I grind these low stakes hu games I can churn out a minimum of $500 and often times $1000 or a little more. Even with a full week off this month, I'm right on track with a MTD profit of $483 as of this moment. If you are wondering why the profit figure is higher than the sum of the two SNG figures from Scope above, its because of the following:

- I have Rakeback from Cake which is not reflected in scope stats
- I got a $300 reload bonus from Cake that they credit to me in $10 increments
- I've played some Full Ring and made a few bucks
- I've played a few MTT's and actually got small cashes in all of them
- I've partnered 4 mans, and I guess I've lost more flip finals than I've won

Hopefully, soon the financial pressure will subside, and I will be able to push the envelope again. What I mean is, start playing $25/$50 on Cake and $33/$55 on Stars.

This post has gotten me thinking about all the ways that a poker player can make money, and there are many. I think I will delve into that further in my next post
for the benefit of any newer players that might stumble onto this blog.

Oct Profit $483

GL All


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