Monday, March 1, 2010

Feb is in the books

Closed out February on a good note. Played a total of 581 games, 413 HU and 168 DONs. HU average buyin was exactly $20 and 70%+ of the HU games I played were at $20 or greater. Didnt quite meet my goal of 90% but def improved. Speaking of my goals, lets run down the 4 I laid out at the beginning of the month.

90% of games at $20+...not quite, but 70% is better.

$1500 total profit. Made $1321, so again, not quite, but close.

Clear all the remaining bonus money on Cake. Retired $50 of it from Cake and $100 from Stars and received another $300 from Cake!

Full time $33's on stars. Not yet, but soon.

So...thats the skinny. Excited for a big March!!

Final Feb Profit $1321



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