Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Treading Water on Stars

Decided on March 1st that I wanted to make a run at a $100 bonus that I have had
pending since September. As of that day I still needed a few points on a previous $100 bonus, so I finished that up and started crunching a few numbers. I would need 2500 FPPs by March 18th at 6AM to get the $100. I figured it would be a good carrot to get me to actually play some hardcore volume this month. After doing the math, I decided that if I play approx 30 $22's or 20 $33's a day for 16 days, I can get there. So, I decided to give it a shot. If I can play approx 500 $22's during that timeframe, (or the equivalent of 500 $22's with other stakes), and I run at 5% ROI, I will make about $500 in sng profit, and maybe $150 or so in bonus (includes the $100 plus the stellar rewards), and accumulate a bunch of FPP's. So, I can make like $650 in 2 weeks and obv if I run better, I can make more.

So...thats what I've been up to for the past week or so. So far, so good. I'm about halfway there, and at the moment, I'm up $223. It's more games than I'm accustomed to playing, but since volume is one of my leaks, I think its an excellent exercise.

Gotta get back on the grind, but I will
update more on my progess soon.

March profit $223



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