Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nice April

Didnt beat myself up with tons of games and so little stress its
a joke, and I made $1,407. Very pleased with it, but really need to
start playing higher I guess....its funny cause I always say this,
but now I think I really, really, really, mean it. Hahaha

Anyway, here is my Global Alias for the month:

Wingpin 367 $3.86 $22 16% $1,416 N/A N/A Global Alias 4/1/2010 4/30/2010 SNG Only

16% and almost $4/game at $22 buyin is kinda sick. Obv I am opting
for easy/non-stressful albeit less money versus playing up and making more
and possiby dealing with more ups and downs.

Will post more thoughts on moving up in stakes soon....

Final April Profit $1,407

Peace and GL All



Richard Speirs said...

Not a bad bad month man. Keep it up!

Drew said...


justnutsbaby said...

U doing good man, got nice stats on 20's if u got nice roll try pushin higher, like 30's on stars are even softer for me.