Saturday, May 15, 2010


Went to South America for a week, and barely played while I was there...maybe 15 games in a week. Nevertheless...I'm already up over $1,000 on the month due to an incredible hot streak. I'm playing awesome, but obv I'm running good also.

Heres my May MTD scope from Cake

WingmanMtP 86 $7.45 $28 24% $641 WWLWWWWW N/A Cake 5/1/2010 5/31/2010 SNG Only

I'm playing mostly $25's but also some $55's mixed in. I even sat a $110 the other day.

I have been playing some games on Stars also, but since I have $1,075 bonus pending on Cake now, its hard to pass that up.

Bout to go see my buddies band play, so I'm out, but
I will post something more substantive soon.

May profit $1,011.39

GL All!!


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Drew said...

South America? Sounds nice!
Sick stats dude, you're crushing!