Thursday, February 26, 2009

A broken record...another solid HU session

Played 6 games. 3-2 in $22's and 1-0 in a $55. Made $70. I'm feeling so relaxed and confident. The best I've ever felt. It's nice. Even the 2 games I lost, I feel I played well. In the first one, stacks were short and I got 88 in vs AK. No biggie there. In the other one, I had the dude down below $600. My 77 got beat by 94 off when he made a set of 4's. Very next hand, my A9 loses to QJ and I was crippled. Secured Silver Star today, and still need 4100 FPP to release a $250 bonus.

YTD Poker profit $690
YTD Sharkscope $710

Feb Sharkscope $425

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