Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tried the $22's

Played a bunch of $22's since my last post. It didnt go real well. I have since started playing $20 regs and thats going much better. Also, playing $10's and $11 turbos. I reflected on the reason why, and I have figured one thing out. When playing the hyper agg donks at $22, I need to throttle back my initial raising range and perhaps even the raise size. Also, I had stretches of horrific bad beats, which led to some minor tilting on my part as. I definitely made some spite calls and adrenaline shoves....overall not horrible but an area to continue to improve in. One really bright spot...I played a fair number of $33's mixed in there, and I have a + ROI in those. I sat first for most of them...played 25 total in 2009 and have 14-11 record in them. 32-25 in them lifetime....hmmm. Dont really want to jump to $33 til I figure out $22...I'm kinda hard headed like that. Gonna play the $10/$20 regs and more $11 turbos and then take another shot at the $22. (Tail between legs!)

YTD Profit $423

YTD Scope $293
Feb Scope $ 7

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