Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good start to month

Played 10 HU games tonight and won 8. 9 (8-1) were for $11 and one (1-0) $22. Made a little over $70. Very pleased with how I'm playing. I think its about time to move to $22. Very soon, I will attempt the jump. I've actually already played 56 $22's YTD and I'm 28-28, so I'm down the $56 in rake. Not good, but not awful. I did have one horrific streak of bad luck I recall, where I got it in 3-4 times with a set vs a large pair on turn or riv and watched the bigger set 2 outer hit. Its twice the BI, so its twice the $$ swings....but I'm bout ready. Any day now....

YTD total profit $546
SS profit $411

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