Saturday, February 21, 2009

Feeling good!

Been playing the $20 regs pretty much every day since my last post. Getting very comfortable with them. I was beating the $11 turbo consistently, but struggled with the $22. So, I started playing the $20, and it has helped. There are so many lagtard aggro donks at both, but with the $20 reg, you can throttle down a notch and patiently wait for them to screw themselves....and they usually do! My last 21 $20 regs, I'm 13-8. I think I was forcing the action too much, too early on the $22's, and frankly with the turbo format, you are forced to start push/folding around the 50/100 level, and definitely at the 75/150 level. With the regs, this gives you 30-40 minutes to wait for the lagtard to lead himself right off a cliff. I have an account on Cake Poker players on there are horrible!!! So many lagtards...or just plain old bad players. Lots of "Gamblers" I'll call them. They fire $280 into dry pots, or lead out with huge opening bets...just weird stuff.

2009 Poker Profit $514
2009 Sharkscope $424

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