Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another solid day

Played a little bit today, and mostly won. So far in the new Cake account which I opened just to bonus whore ($600), I am 4-0 in $10's, 11-13 in $25's, 0-2 in $50's, and 1-0 in $100's (all HU). In the $25's I got off to a terrible start going 3-10, but obv 8-3 since and won my last 5. The quality of the opponents is noticeably weaker than the $22's on Stars from what I can discern thus far, but we will need to
play a much larger sample to be 100% convinced of that. I'm 80-90% convinced now though frankly. Anyway...still gunning for the $1000 month, minimum. I will be very dissapointed with one dime less than $1000. In fact, I expect to exceed that significantly.

April Poker Profit

Stars $202
Mysp Pkr $557
Cake -$ 46

Total $713


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