Monday, April 13, 2009

ZOMG...never felt better about poker.

This month is on its way to being the best I've ever had. I've been playing well, running good, and I discovered Cake. Holy crap!!! So, I signed up for Cake and got a $600 bonus which of course has to be qualified thru earning FPP's. I had been playing on the Cake network already using the poker skin, and I noticed the games were really soft, so I figured I might as well sign up a new account thru Cake directly and bonus whore the $600. So, I started off playing $25 HU SNG's. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I got off to a rough start with those, but it wasn't due to poor play, just variance. Well, I'm still playing the $25 HU's, and in fact have won 9 out of the last 10, but more interestingly, I have discovered the Cake full ring game. Unlike Stars, with Cake any raked hand counts towards FPP's...$1 = 1FPP, unlike Stars .40 = 1FPP, but even a .05 cent rake gives you .05 FPP. On stars you only get FPP credit if the hand rakes at least .40 cents. So, any rake below that is lost and does not accrue or accumulate. This matters alot at low stakes like 50NL, since most hands dont generate .40 cent rake. I've been 6 tabling the .25/.50 Full ring. Its a little fast and hectic, but the FPP's are piling up pretty quick. Over the weekend, I received $40 in bonus credit. (They credit you $10 the minute you get 167 FPP), so it would take 10,000 to retire the entire $600. This should be "Cake"!! The only bad thing is, they only give you 90 days to retire the FPP requirement, so I'm gonna really need to play almost exclusively on Cake to get this done.

Only need about 400 more FPP on Stars to get $250 free, but have til August to get that done, so back burner it goes.

Gotta go take care of some non-poker related stuff, so gonna end it here.

April Poker Profit

PokerStars $221 (Wingpin on Scope)
Mys Poker $704 (Wingpin on Scope...Cake/Sportsbook)
Cake Poker $161 (WingmanMtP on Scope)

April Total $1,086

YTD Poker Profit $1,901

PS. I have a special little secret that I've been using to make obscenely easy money on, so if you wanna know what it is shoot me a message.

Later Wingnuts!!!



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