Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good Riddance March!

Played a ton the last couple days and made Gold star status. No biggie...I dont even really care, but its free FPP's if nothing else. Ended the month +/- $20 from breakeven. It's a little confusing because I played a bunch of 4 mans with 1M A SHARK, and I played quite a bit on Cake poker. BTW...the players on Cake are downright awful. Check my Sharkscope on there for further evidence! I'm not discouraged at all though. In fact I have some really cool news to report from today April 1. Stars is currently in a server restart, so I went to Cake (same username Wingpin) and game selected and have made $222 so far. Took some dude twice at the $100 turbo.

As for the end of March, played a ton of $15 9 mans and had a slightly negative roi which was surprising, but I started feeling better the last 10 or so. Just some subtle things that have to be relearned when you have been playing so many hu matches. Namely, position, blind stealing and starting hands vs blind levels/effective stacks.

Final March $0
April profit $228

YTD Profit $1043

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