Monday, June 1, 2009

June..Lets go!

Ok...So, I updated a few hours ago, but I just played some more and I wanted to update again. Just played a $100 HU Sng on Cake and won it, then I saw a donk that I've pwned a few times sitting in the $50 lobby and I sat him and got 99 in vs AK for stacks and got pwn'd. Oh well...thats the breaks. I also just played a little on Stars, and the software is so much better its unreal. Cake is listed as the 10th largest poker site worldwide in terms of traffic....they really need to upgrade the client. I'll be back on Stars soon...Enough about that.

Couple other cool things...I sold 100 call contracts naked on GM on Thursday. The June $1's (GMFV)...Got .28 for them. With the official Ch. 11 bankruptcy filing this AM, it looks like I made $2700+ in a jif. Love that! Won't be 100% official until June 19th, but I cannot fathom a scenario whereby those contracts wont go off the cliff worthless.

Also, Rafael Nadal was thrashed in 4 sets by Robin Soderling in the! A shocker is an understatement. I guess Roger will now have the best chance of his life to win the French and bolster his case as the best player who ever lived. BTW...I have a sports betting account, and if any of my friends, or poker buddies wants to place a wager on the French, or NBA final, or any sporting event for that matter, get in touch with me and I will help you out. My email is

June Poker profit

Stars $ 47
Cake/Mys $ 54

Total $101



bpmst2 said...

hey how do u enjoy playin on cake? and is it the same site as sportsbook? I'm considering playing there short term some and was curious how you liked the software, games, structure, players, etc. Thanks!

Wingpin said...'s poker offering uses the Cake platform, yes. But, I dont think they offer rakeback. Google, "Cake rakeback", and you will find a plethora of RB offers at 33% if you sign up directly thru Cake. The software is terrible imo. HU up to $25 fills quick enough....other things dont fill quickly at all. A guy who wants to multi table $5-$50 9 mans wont like it at all. The rake on DON's is double that of stars...the rake on HU is comparable. The structure is identical to stars in terms of ins vary a little bit...instead of $6, $11, $22, $33, $55, and $110, they have $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. The players are kinda weak, but not a huge noticeable diiference at $10-$25 hu which is where 90% of my games are played.

The best thing about Cake is the Rakeback, which is paid in cash during the first week of each month. I just got $130 from it yesterday...cha-ching. Also, they offer up to $600 in sign up bonus, but its kinda hard ot work off. I signed up 4-2-09, and have only worked off $260 of $600 so far.

Let me know if you wanna know anything else.