Friday, June 5, 2009

So far, so good...

June is off to a decent $130 in Rakeback from Cake, and been playing some solid HU. Mostly just playing $10's on Cake trying to find my rhythm. Once I feel that I'm destroying the $10's, I will go back to the $25's. I've played a couple hundred $25's on cake, and I have a positive ROI, but only about 1%. Obtaining FPP's is slow at the $10 level, so still have $340 left on the signup bonus. I've accepted the fact that I wont retire it all by July 2nd (the deadline), but I will work off as much as I can in June and just be happy with it.

Gonna work really hard this month to try to make $2000 in profit.

In tennis, Roger made the final of the French. He will play Robin Soderling for the title this weekend. Wow...if he can win that match, I cant see how hes not the best ever.

June Poker Profit

Stars $59
Cake/Mys $343

Total $402

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