Monday, June 1, 2009

May is Done...kinda glad

May has been a little bit frustrating. Up and down and all around. Getting a little bit tired of Cake...the software is clunky as hell. As for games filling at stakes like $10-$50, it's ok for HU...would never play it regularly for anything else. Games dont fill quick, its hard to multitable, and the rake is really hi for some formats (Double the rake that stars gets for DON's as an example). But I'm still marching forward with the bonus whoring process, and the rakeback is cool...made $130 in May which isn't credited to my account as of this second, so I'm not going to include it in my final May stats. The sign up bonus still has $350 to go...don't think I will retire it all by the deadline of July 2nd. Dont care that much though...they changed the rules May 1st and made Fpp's harder to get, but the rakeback is better than it was, so it is what it is...bottom line...the new program is better.

Made a few sportsbets on, and did well with that, and also made a little on Blackjack (I know degen!)

I did not make my minimum goal of $1000 for the month which is very dissapointing, but it just makes me more motivated for June. I want to make at least $2,000 in June to offset the shortfall and then some.

Final May Numbers

Stars $372
Cake and Mysports $457

Total Profit $829

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