Sunday, June 14, 2009

Steady Climbin...

Not putting in as much volume as I would like, but having pretty decent results when
I do, so I'm not gonna complain. Still playing mostly on Cake til 7-2 when my bonus qual period ends. Still have $320 available to take down, and no way I'll get anywhere close to all of it, but I'll just be happy with whatever I can get. Just really been grinding the $10 HU with the occasional $25. I crunched some numbers, and my lifetime win/loss at $10 (on WingmanMtP username) on Cake is 178-158...really not very good. After 7-2, Cake will just be a backup for when Stars does server restarts, which was actually the original reason why I established it.

Gonna go to Denver for a whole week on 6-23, so going to modify the June goal down to $1400, because I know I will not be playing much if any while I'm out there.

June Profit


I was breaking it out by site, but have transferred quite a bit of money around for buddy ships me cash on Stars and I ship them on Cake or vice versa, so
it doesnt really reflect reality, so I just combined it.



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